Video, Timelapse en Photography

Maritime – Heavy lift

Loadtest SAIPEM 7000, Stavanger, Norway


Location: Amoyfjorden, Stavanger Norway

Client: HEBO Maritime Service

Logo HEBO Maritiem service


SAIPEM 7000 – Semi-submersible crane and pipelaying DP Vessel, lifting capacity 2 x 7000 ton

ISA 3 – Tug, 3500 hp

HEBO P53 & P54 – Pontoons




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Paul Poels video- en photography: 

GPI en VCA certified and in possession of all PPE

A1A3 & A2 Drone flight license

I have all the video, timelapse and photography equipment to capture extensive but also smaller Infrastructure, Heavy-Lift, Construction or Civil Engineering projects.

For various clients I make monthly Update videos, Timelapse videos and Photo reports.


Infra Structure – Heavy Lift – Construction – Civil Engineering – Maritime

Photography, Timelapse and Video